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Baporiyu: Vol. 001, Winter 2022

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Baporiyu is a print magazine, a companion for lazy afternoons. From stories and poems to photo essays and illustrations, enjoy fables of home cooking and regional cuisines without the interference of technology.

No. of Pages: 106 (excluding cover)

Dimensions: 21x27.5cm

What's Inside:

  • Evolving with Amma's Curd Rice - A coming-of-age story of a boy who thoroughly detested curd rice becoming a man who fully embraced it and made it his own.

  • Tchau, Bella! - Saying farewell to an Ahmedabad eatery, the legend of which has been passed down through generations of NID students.

  • Kheer Puri ki Fati'ah - Reminiscing about a magical, scrumptious celebration that used to take place in a dusty little town in Tamil Nadu.​

  • A vegetarian on Mohammad Ali Road - A journey through the Ramzan festivities on Mohammad Ali Road, about respecting choices and understanding what people eat and why they eat it.

  • 8:00 AM - A poem about taking moments to introspect in between the rush of our routines.

  • Ae swaad Agrani yaad apaavashe! - A humourous tale of places, their cultures, and their unforgettable flavours. 

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